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On Not Reducing Racism to Apartheid

Richard Pithouse 28/01/15

We would be more effective at dealing with the endemic racism in our society if we didn’t relentlessly speak in a manner that reduces racism to apartheid and ‘apartheid tendencies’. The reason for this is not because historical trauma should be (...)

The New Denialism

Richard Pithouse 30/10/14

In 2005, early in her in her first term as Minister of Housing, Lindiwe Sisulu announced that the state had resolved to ‘eradicate slums’ by 2014. This was a time when the technocratic ideal had more credibility than it does now and officials and (...)

South Africa : The Urban Land Question

Richard Pithouse 07/04/14

Urban land is acutely contested in contemporary South Africa. There are regular land occupations, some taking the form of quiet encroachment and some taking the form of overtly political acts. At the same time most municipalities have armed (...)

Democracy is still Heresy

Richard Pithouse 01/10/12

Only the crudest propagandist would dare to deny that the ANC is an increasingly predatory and authoritarian excrescence on society rather than a democratic expression of society. It is equally clear that the party confronts what is arguably the (...)

La dégénérescence de l’ANC

Richard Pithouse 14/04/10

L’African National Congress (ANC) de l’Afrique du Sud a dégénéré au point de ‘’devenir aujourd’hui un danger clair pour l’intégrité de la société’’ écrit Richard Pithouse. Il fût un temps où on imaginait ‘’qu’avoir le pouvoir permettrait un projet politique (...)