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The State of Resistance - 2007

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This indispensable book offers a panorama of social resistances to neoliberal globalization in the south. Writers and activists from forty different countries or regions offer snapshots of the latest mobilizations, from the anti-privatization groups in South Africa and the anti-WTO campaign of peasants in India, to the indigenous movement behind Evo Morales in Bolivia. The book focuses on a range of diverse popular struggles that impact on democratic and development process, yet receive little public attention or are caricatured by mainstream media. It reveals collective tensions throughout those societies whose material bases have been profoundly shaken by a series of adjustments dictated by the canons of the globalized economy. It is an essential guide to the latest developments in social movements.

Edited by Francois Polet of the Tricontinental Centre, it includes contributions from key activists and scholars such as Vinod Raina, Michel Warschawski, Maristella Svampa and Mahaman Tidjani.

Titre The State of Resistance - 2007
La collection Alternatives Sud - État des résistances dans le Sud
Date 02/2009
Edition London and New York, Zed Books, 2007.
traduction English français
Voir en ligne Zed Books
Mots-clés Mouvements sociaux


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