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Nigeria : The Ethnic Conflict and the Citizenship Question

The negative consequences of the Tiv-Jukun ethnic conflict and other similar conflicts in Nigeria have stimulated the debate on citizenship in the country. This debate is driven by questions that hinge on contestable issues such as who is an indigene in Nigeria, why should other Nigerians be termed non-indigenes, settlers, migrants in other parts of the country and what should be the rights of Nigerian citizens ? Using the Tiv-Jukun conflict as an example, this paper deals with the trajectory of the Nigerian citizenship crisis evoked by Nigerian exporiences of discrimination when living in places other than where they come from. It suggests that for the citizenship crisis to be tackled, Nigerians from all backgrounds must enjoy boundless access to basic rights and freedom wherever they live in the country ; besides this, citizenship contestation and the conflicts it rolls out represents a danger for national integration ...

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