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European Parliament Conference

EU initiative on responsible sourcing of minerals originating from conflict and high-risk areas

The conference will revolve around the question how the EU’s imminent (legislative) proposal on Due
Diligence in relation to conflict minerals, and the responsible sourcing of minerals from those conflict
areas can have a positive impact on the ground in terms of long-term stability and development. More
precisely, the conference’s two sessions will closely examine the following aspects :

• The possible scope and content of a European proposal on due diligence/conflict minerals
and the experiences with existing (legislative) initiatives. One of the central questions here is
how to increase supply chain transparency and sustainability when sourcing minerals from
conflict areas, by applying Due Diligence requirements, set out, for instance, in the OECD Due
Diligence Guidance, and applying them to European economic actors ;

• Realising actual positive effects in terms of sustainable development and governance of the
mining sectors, the local economies, and populations in countries such as the DR Congo,
Colombia and other areas in conflict or at risk.

Both in terms of scope and content, the conference can be seen as a follow-up to the seminar that was
held on 13 March 2013 at the Belgian Senate. Where the seminar on 13 March aimed at kick-starting
the debate around the EU legislative process, this EP conference will be a next step, as it will build
upon the seminar’s outcomes, integrate further thinking and reflection and provide a platform for
presenting concrete recommendations.

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