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Mozambique won’t be Mato Grosso

Stefano Liberti 28/06/18

A popular movement centred on a small farming village in northern Mozambique has, for the moment, halted an attempt to move to cash-crop monocultures mainly for export. In the Mozambican village of Nakarari, deep in the bush of the Mutuali (...)

New left regimes ally with China

Guillaume Beaulande 07/06/16

Central America’s anti-communist regimes used to be closely allied with Taiwan, but growing trade with China has broken that link. Oscar Arias Sánchez, who was president of Costa Rica in 2007, described his decision to recognise the People’s (...)

Banners of protest

Gilbert Achcar 10/07/15

Christian liberation theology and Islamic fundamentalism both protest and contest social and political conditions in their host societies. But they don’t want the same changes. Religion continues to produce, with undeniable success, combative (...)

Mexico, a criminal country

Pedro Miguel, Rafael Barajas 06/01/15

Without drug money, the Mexican economy would collapse, which is why politics, economics and gangsterism are entwined at the highest levels. That reality, underlying the students’ massacre, has led to a rare display of anger on Mexico’s streets. (...)

India : New party of the poor

Naïké Desquesnes 06/05/14

Five weeks of voting, with 814 million voters, end on 12 May. While Narendra Modi’s BJP looks set to displace Sonia Gandhi’s Congress Party, a third runner, the Aam Aadmi Party, is winning support from both poor and middle classes. “Underwater (...)

South Sudan : it all began so well

Gérard Prunier 05/02/14

The sudden conflict in South Sudan isn’t essentially tribal, but the result of clever economic pressure from Khartoum on South Sudan’s president, who is desperate to hold on to power. The civil conflict in South Sudan began with gunfire at the (...)

We want a different Brazil

Janette Habel 12/07/13

For the first time in 20 years, massive countrywide demonstrations have rocked Brazil. A year ahead of elections, President Dilma Rousseff knows she needs to listen carefully : the young, the poor and the new middle classes all want a country (...)

Iraq : The new normal in Baghdad

Peter Harling 19/03/13

The US invasion ten years ago broke up the old Iraq ; but now its worst elements and aspects have rejoined in different formations, and a frustrating, demoralising stasis seems to have been reimposed. Will it be possible to break this ? After (...)

Palestine refuses to disappear

Leila Farsakh 03/12/12

The Gaza ceasefire negotiated by Egypt has reinforced the position of Hamas regionally and internally. Meanwhile the UN voted to grant Palestine the upgraded status of non-member state, a success for Mahmoud Abbas. But the PA president faces (...)

Gulf cools towards Muslim Brothers

Alain Gresh 05/11/12

An Islamist wave coming from an alliance between Muslim Brothers, Salafists and Gulf emirs seems to be sweeping the Middle East. But Islam is not the key to deciphering the new political landscape. Dubai’s chief of police, General Dahi Khalfan (...)

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