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Syria divides the Arab left

Nicolas Dot Pouillard 16/08/12

The violence deepens and spreads. Yet unlike Egypt and Tunisia, the Syrian revolt has not had unanimous support from the Arab left. There is a split between those who sympathise with the protestors’ demands and those who fear foreign (...)

Civil war or foreign intervention? Deadlock over Syria

Alain Gresh 26/04/12

The Syrian people, like the Egyptians and others across the Arab world, are reviving the desires and ambitions that they abandoned after the Arab defeat in the 1967 war. The outcome, and who will influence it, can’t be predicted Patrick Seale’s (...)

The Sahel falls apart

Philippe Leymarie 13/04/12

The military coup which ousted Mali’s president Amadou Toumani Touré in late March has only added to the confusion across the Sahara-Sahel region, caught between Tuareg rebellions and acts of terrorism by North Africa’s al-Qaida franchise The (...)

In northern Uganda, a difficult peace

Michael Deibert 09/03/12

Gulu, Uganda — Gazing out from this bustling provincial capital in northern Uganda, a lifelong resident gestured towards the red dirt roads that lead out towards the Sudan border and talked of the changes that have come to this corner of Uganda (...)

A democracy full stop

Wendy Kristianasen 20/12/10

Indonesia’s disasters – October’s tsunami and eruption, the killing of suspected terrorists in Sumatra – get more media attention than its democratic elections. Yet these marked the direct re-election of the president last year and a cautious step (...)

Burma’s gradual transition

Renaud Egreteau 08/12/10

Burma’s elections were a sham, and the release of Aung San Suu Kyi soon after was hard to interpret as a gesture. But the country is changing politically, probably for the better, although not in any way the outside world can yet comprehend A (...)

Guinea waits for change

Tom Rowe 12/04/10

Elections are promised in Guinea this June, causing excitement among its people, tired of 
military rule and having to live on less than a dollar a day. But is the country ready for elections, let alone democratic rule? Guineans know what it (...)

Impunity in Guatemala

Colin Murphy 14/12/09

At 7.15am on 4 September last year, Yuri Melini stepped onto the street from his mother’s house in a suburb of Guatemala City. A man standing across the road called him. The man had a lost look, and had the dress and manner of someone from rural (...)

A quiet revolution in lebanon’s political scene

Nicolas Dot Pouillard 04/06/09

In Lebanon’s legislative elections on 7 June, two members of the national unity government will be pitted against 
each other. Saad Hariri and his 14 March group face the Maronite general, Michel Aoun, who has formed 
a strong and surprising (...)

Transition from armed insurgency to peaceful protest

Basharat Peer 14/04/09

Last autumn, hundreds of thousands of unarmed Kashmiris marched in peaceful protest against Indian rule. Dreams of independence have been tempered by more modest demands, such as an end to India’s military presence. And just possibly, in time, (...)

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