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Ni Una Menos : The Cry Against ‘Femicides’ Finally Heard in Argentina

Fabiana Frayssinet 10/06/15

In the wake of the massive response to their call to protest violence against women in Argentina, the organisers of this week’s demonstrations are starting to plan the steps to be taken to get results for their demand “Ni Una Menos” (not one less), (...)

Latin America : Women in Resistance and Resilience

Leny Olivera 21/05/15

Climate change impacts more on women. It has a direct and amplifying effect on the violence that intersects their lives, despite the fact that women have less impact on the environment than their male counterparts. Women have historically (...)

Sabaneta to Miraflores : Afterlives of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela

Jeffery R. Webber, Susan Spronk 17/02/14

The inner-city parish of La Vega sits in the lush mountain terrain of Western Caracas. Roughly 130,000 poor residents are cordoned off sociologically from nearby El Paraíso, a wealthy neighborhood that supplies the clients for the upscale (...)

How the Correa Government is Neoliberalizing Ecuador’s Mining Legislation

Carlos Zorrilla 13/06/13

The last time Ecuador “reformed” its mining legislation was in 2000. Back then, the World Bank was going around the world merrily “modernizing” everyone’s mining legislation (in more than 100 countries), to make the world safer and easier for (...)

“Another Chile Is Possible, with Greater Democracy and Social Rights”

Marianela Jarroud 10/09/12

Interview with Camila Vallejo : It is essential for young people in Chile to assume a more active role in politics, especially in two key electoral processes : the municipal elections in October and the legislative and presidential vote in (...)

“Genocidal” General Wins Presidential Elections in Guatemala

Annie Bird 09/11/11

Otto Perez Molina, a former general who was in charge of the Nebaj, Quiche military base during Guatemala’s genocide from mid-1982 to mid-1983, has won the presidency. As evidence grows of Perez Molina’s participation in crimes against humanity (...)

Large-Scale Mining to Test Rights of Nature

Carlos Zorrilla 07/07/11

Ecuador is the only Andean nation without any large-scale metallic mines (such as gold and copper). This unique state of affairs is about to be tested in the next few weeks when the Correa government signs exploitation agreements with Chinese (...)

Biofuels, Mass Evictions and Violence

Annie Bird 05/04/11

Internationally-funded Guatemalan bio-fuel interests evict Mayan Qeqchi families from their historic lands, destroying homes and crops, killing one, injuring more, while thousands are without food or shelter. On March 15, 16 and 17, hundreds of (...)

Americas Social Forum Continues Struggle to Dismantle Neoliberalism

Marc Becker 25/08/10

“Our America is on the march”, Paraguay president Fernando Lugo proclaimed at the close of the Fourth Americas Social Forum (ASF) that met in Asunción, Paraguay from August 11-15, 2010. America is on the march, Lugo repeated, but we have not yet (...)

Building Socialism from Below : The Role of the Communes in Venezuela

Jeffery R. Webber, Susan Spronk 17/06/10

We met with Antenea Jimenez, a former militant with the student movement who is now working with a national network of activists who are trying to build and strengthen the comunas. The comunas are community organizations promoted since 2006 by (...)

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