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Mining for El Salvador’s Gold... In Washington

Manuel Perez Rocha 02/09/10

An international tribunal gives the green light to a lawsuit brought by two companies attempting to overcome strong public and government resistance to their destructive gold mining.

UN declares water and sanitation a human right

Transnational Institute 30/07/10

In an historic victory for social movements, the UN declared water and sanitation a human right despite opposition from countries like the US, UK and Canada.

War on Maoists

Praful Bidwai 01/04/10

The Indian government must at once stop the military operation against its own citizens in the tribal heartland and open unconditional talks with the Maoists. The much-dramatised public exchange of telephone numbers between Union Home Minister (...)

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation in Developing (...)

Simone Lovera 30/12/09

Some six years ago, Kevin Conrad, a close friend and advisor to Michael Somare, prime minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG), had a great idea. The prime minister was complaining to him that the World Bank had forced him to comply with a number of (...)

Pro-Poor Policy Reforms and Governance in State/Public Lands : A Critical Civil (...)

Jennifer C. Franco 12/10/09

Contemporary policy discussions around land issues concern the contested past and uncertain future of public/state lands worldwide, taken in the context of two broad currents in the development policy discourses, namely, effective poverty (...)

Land, Rural Social Movements and Democratisation

Dianto Bachriadi 03/08/09

Some suggest that rural protest in Indonesia was effectively silenced for decades because of violent repression during President Suharto’s regime (1967-1998). It has also been argued that urban leadership was needed to drive movements for rural (...)

Iran’s tide of history : counter-revolution and after


Fred Halliday Open Democracy, 17 July 2009 Iran’s regime has made huge efforts to crush the country’s demonstrating citizens. But their heroic and lucid protests have opened a path to the future via a reconnection with Iran’s true revolutionary (...)

The futility of the coup

Atilio A. Boron 02/07/09

History is repeating itself and will very likely end in the same way. The coup d’état in Honduras is a re-issue of that which was carried out in April 2002 in Venezuela and that which was aborted in the face of an explosive reaction from several (...)

‘Actually Existing Capitalism,’ its Crisis and the Left

Institute for Popular Democracy 19/05/09

Neoliberalism is dead, but building alternatives will mean developing detailed policies that engage with current political realities and answer the urgent need for jobs, argues Joel Rocamora. Neo-liberalism is dead. Its pall bearers, led by the (...)

Right to water


The EU’s international water policies will face a double challenge from civil society campaigners and Southern governments when the World Water Forum starts in Istanbul next week (March 16-22) after a disagreement in negotiations in the run up to (...)

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