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Venezuela : terminal crisis of the rentier petro-state ?

Edgardo Lander 21/10/14

Venezuela’s failure to develop an effective strategy to reduce its economy’s dependence on gas and oil threatens the social successes and future viability of the Bolivarian project. Over the 15 years of the Bolivarian government in Venezuela, (...)

Post Privatisation Challenges of Public Water in Ghana

Leonard Shang-Quartey 07/07/14

Despite large aid support, Ghana’s privatised water utility AVRL consistently failed to meet its contractual commitments. Water is now back in state hands, but it will need increased investment and a vigilant civil society to deliver the (...)

Thailand’s Edsa 2 : from civil conflict to uncivil war ?

Walden Bello 03/02/14

There are occasional references to the Edsa Uprising, with one speaker saying, “The Filipinos did it in nine days. We can do it, too.” The event to which he was comparing the Bangkok mass protests was the original Edsa Revolution that toppled (...)

Fracking and the global land grab - Peoples’ resistance is emerging as the threat (...)

Ana Maria Rey Martinez , Jennifer C. Franco, Timothé Feodoroff 28/10/13

Linking the current boom of unconventional gas extraction within the broader pattern of land and water grabbing, this report explores where fracking is happening today, who is promoting it, how, and the state of resistance. With demand still (...)

Governing the Global Land Grab : Competing political tendencies

Chunyu Wang, Jennifer C. Franco, Saturnino M. Borras Jr 01/07/13

The rise of flex crops—crops with multiple uses across food, feed, fuel and industrial complexes—has far-reaching implications for global land governance.

Syria : The threats, costs, claims and lives

Phyllis Bennis 05/06/13

What the civil war in Syria has exposed is that the massive political and social transformation, and real regime change under way is led by people themselves. US military involvement serves only to escalate the destruction. Politically-driven (...)

Political Reform in Burma and Consequences for Ethnic Conflict


While there have been undeniably positive trends in Burma over the past year, these have not yet been translated into ethnic peace and justice. An uncertain political era has begun, bringing both opportunities and new challenges in quick order. (...)

Burma / The Kachin Crisis : Peace Must Prevail


As 2012 progressed, perceptions of the real nature of change under the Thein Sein government were challenged by a series of disturbing events in which serious violence and mass displacement of civilians occurred in several parts of the country. (...)

Developing Disparity Regional Investment in Burma’s Borderlands

John Buchanan, Kevin Woods, Tom Kramer 21/03/13

Unless foreign direct investment in Burma’s war-torn borderlands is refocused towards people-centered development, it is likely to deepen disparity between the region’s most neglected peoples and Burma’s new military, business and political elite (...)

The other Burma : Conflict, counter-insurgency and human rights in Northeast (...)


Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, and because of the mountain range, NEI is the physical gateway between India, China and Southeast Asia. Strategically important to both countries, China also claims the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh (...)

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