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The Corporation : State of Power 2020


The Corporation is capitalism’s preeminent institution, dominating our economy, distorting our politics and reshaping society. TNI’s ninth flagship State of Power report delves deep into the changing nature of the corporation in a time of (...)

Sentinels of Privilege and the Ressentiment of the Powerful : The New Right in (...)

Kurt Shaw, Rita de Cácia Oenning da Silva 21/06/18

The idea for our documentary was really quite simple. Children from a favela would make a short fictional film in which they showed how they imagined rich kids lived, while a group of children living in an upper-middle-class condominium made one (...)

Marching forward : Women, resistance and counter-power


If we learnt anything in 2017 in the aftermath of Trump’s election shock, it was that the face of resistance to today’s autocrats would be that of a woman. Women were the first to take to the streets the day after Trump was inaugurated in the (...)

Venezuela : Pressing perspectives from the South


Venezuela is passing through a period of acute political, economic and social turmoil, which has intensified the debate within the regional and global left about the nature, the legacy and the prospects of the Bolivarian process. What (...)

Myanmar : Land is the lifeline of the ethnic people

Khun Kaung, Khun Oo 05/05/17

There are serious concerns that government reforms will further exacerbate land tenure and food insecurity for the majority of the population in Myanmar who rely on their farm fields and forests for their livelihoods. There has been a wave of (...)

Rodrigo Duterte : A Fascist Original

Walden Bello 09/02/17

Despite his bloody reign, Duterte remains popular, with the latest domestic poll giving him a trust rating of “excellent.” What makes Duterte tick ? What drives many of his admirers to exclaim that they’re ready to die for him ? In 2016, (...)

Land politics, agrarian movements and scholar-activism

Saturnino M. Borras Jr 11/05/16

Land politics and the social movements mobilizing around land have changed profoundly, inspiring a new generation of scholar-activists. Professor Saturnino (’Jun’) M. Borras explores land politics, agrarian movements and scholar-activism in his (...)

Power in India : radical pathways

Ashish Kothari , Pallav Das 01/02/16

India has strongly entrenched power hierarchies that have historical roots but have also been exacerbated by inequalities and injustices that have deepened with economic globalisation. However grassroots political movements are emerging in India (...)

Jakarta Court cancels World’s biggest Water Privatisation after 18 year (...)


The Central Jakarta District Court on 24 March annulled the water privatisation contracts of Suez (PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya – Palyja) and Aetra, finding that the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) were negligent in fulfilling the human right to water (...)

Venezuela : ¿crisis terminal del modelo petrolero rentista ?

Edgardo Lander 22/12/14

El fracaso de Venezuela para desarrollar una estrategia efectiva que reduzca la dependencia de su economía del gas y el petróleo amenaza los logros sociales y la futura viabilidad del proyecto bolivariano. En los años del gobierno bolivariano, en (...)

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