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Myanmar : On the Wrong Side of the Law, but On the Right Side of (...)

Kyaw Zwa Moe 05/09/18

Myanmar’s media community was hit by a powerful blow this morning. Its professionals feel sad, disappointed and under siege. Today’s events have also damaged the image of the country and the integrity of the government. On Monday morning, two (...)

Burma is Heading in the Wrong Direction

Aung Zaw 28/11/16

If one wanted to describe the current political climate in Burma, it is like a roller coaster ride. The Daw Aung San Suu Kyi-led government has faced ups and downs in recent months and is now at a low. There is growing criticism toward her (...)

Time for Constitutional Change in Burma


It’s time for President Thein Sein’s government to stop toying with the hopes of the Burmese people, who have long fought for the opportunity to freely choose their leaders. The president and his ministers know what they need to do to satisfy the (...)

Burma’s Constitution Likely to Dash Suu Kyi’s Presidential Hopes

Jared Ferrie 20/06/13

Her adoring compatriots believe democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi is destined to become Burma’s next president. But don’t bet on it. A year ago, the Nobel Peace Prize winner was feted at home and abroad and flush from her National League for (...)

Burma : Copper Mine Protest Heats Up with Arrests

Wai Moe, Saw Yan Naing 07/12/12

While armed police are not normally visible around the heart of Rangoon, there has been a marked increase in security personnel ever since last week’s brutal crackdown on anti-copper mine protesters in central Burma. Burmese activists Moe Thway, (...)