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Are Indonesia and Malaysia Ready to Stand up for China’s Muslims (...)

Nithin Coca 30/01/19

The two Southeast Asian states might be the best hope for pressure from the Islamic world. By now, the scale of the crisis is clear. There are up to 3 million Turkic Muslims – primarily Uyghurs but also ethnic Kazakhs and Kyrgyz – in a vast (...)

Cambodia’s Crumbling Democracy

George Wright 13/09/17

As democracy is dismantled, will Cambodians return to the streets ? When tens of thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets of Phnom Penh shouting “Hun Sen, step down !” in wake of the disputed 2013 general election, it was the (...)

Is The Lady still a champion of rights and democracy ?

David Hutt 02/03/17

The life of a politician is made infinitely easier when, as the saying goes, their actions are judged by their reputation, and not the other way around. Such a phrase is befitting of Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, whom the media can (...)

Xinjiang, China : Reassessing the Recent Violence

Liam Powers 12/08/13

Western and Chinese media have their own narratives in reporting on the unrest. Both may be wrong. After a brutal attack on a police station in Lukqun left 35 people dead, Xinjiang and the Uyghurs have once again made the headlines. This (...)

Will Reform Bring Burma Peace ?

Tom Fawthrop 23/05/12

Signs of democratic reforms in Burma are welcome. But are they likely to help bring an end to ethnic unrest in Kachin state ? Burma’s flurry of reform measures, coupled with the breezy spirit of openness prevailing in the former capital of (...)

Malaysia Rally Turns Ugly

Simon Roughneen 09/05/12

Police turned on tens of thousands of protesters demonstrating for electoral reform in Malaysia on Saturday. It might not help the government’s image ahead of elections. Tens of thousands of yellow and green-clad protestors gathered in Kuala (...)