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Syria - The regime makes people suffer in rebel held areas

Naysse Ghayath 01/08/14

In many ways life is much easier for people in regime controlled areas of Syria than in rebel areas. For one thing, they are not constantly under attack. And Bashar al-Assad’s regime tries very hard to ensure that basic demands are met. Inflation (...)

The strike that shook South Africa’s new elite

Brian Ashley, Lee Sustar 16/09/10

Some 1.3 million South African public-sector workers have suspended their strike after nearly three weeks in a battle that saw the some of the largest police attacks on labor since the fall of apartheid. The Congress of South African Trade (...)

The power behind the Thai throne

Giles Ji Ungpakorn 09/09/10

Earlier this year, pro-democracy protesters known as Red Shirts demanded new elections and were violently repressed by the military and ruling regime. Thailand is currently run by politicians who took control of parliament in 2008 after the (...)

Social crisis stalks Pakistan

Snehal Shingavi 03/09/10

The catastrophe is being shaped by powerful political and economic forces—and the most vulnerable have been left to fend for themselves.

Textile strikes rock Bangladesh

Snehal Shingavi 01/09/10

Over the past month, Bangladesh’s textile industry—one of the most exploitative in the world—has been rocked by strikes and protests. The level of repression used against the Bangladeshi textile workers, largely women, exposes the dark underbelly (...)

The debt owed to Haiti


Haiti solidarity activists are circulating a call for France to return money that the Caribbean nation was forced to pay to secure its independence over 200 years ago.

A sleeping giant stirs in China

David Whitehouse 02/08/10

WORKERS IN China’s booming auto industry have mounted an unprecedented series of strikes in Japanese-owned plants since late May. Out of a dozen strikes so far, all but one have won their main demands—pay raises of 20 to 50 percent—with management (...)

What the UPR strike taught us

Héctor Tarrido-Picart 26/07/10

For two months this spring, students went on strike at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) that eventually closed all 11 of campuses in the system. The strike was against tuition increases, privatization and the administration’s heavy-handed (...)

India’s new crackdown in Kashmir

Snehal Shingavi 14/07/10

For the last several weeks, the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has been the setting for an immense crackdown by the Indian central government against the civilian population. The most recent escalation began June 11, when soldiers (...)

A new phase of struggle is born

Kevin Ovenden 28/06/10

Israel’s murderous assault on a flotilla of ships carrying solidarity activists and humanitarian aid to break the U.S. and Israeli-imposed siege of Gaza spurred outrage around the world—and catapulted the international movement in support of the (...)

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