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A dangerous new low in state-sponsored hate

Harsh Mander 07/01/20

In Uttar Pradesh, police bias and the scale of violence against the minorities are plumbing new depths Uttar Pradesh is in the throes of what is fast becoming a gravely culpable crime against humanity. It may not be an exaggeration to say that (...)

Dans l’Amazonie brésilienne, les assassinats de protecteurs de la forêt se (...)

Laurent Delcourt 23/12/19

Des assassinats et des opérations policières visent les leaders des populations autochtones et les militants écologistes, alors qu’un vaste plan de déforestation et d’exploitation de l’Amazonie se prépare. Une analyse du sociologue Laurent Delcourt. (...)

India’s new citizenship act legalizes a Hindu nation

Anil Varughese 23/12/19

India’s recently passed Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 is a frontal assault on the idea of India as a secular, pluralist democracy. For the first time, legal sanction has been given to the recasting of India as a Hindu majoritarian nation (...)

Protesters in Lebanon Are Drawing Their Own Red Lines

Sami Atallah 06/11/19

In light of the government’s decision on 17 October 2019, to increase taxes and impose a fee on WhatsApp, protests broke across the country in an unprecedented way. This is not the first time people protest—they have done so in the last decade—but (...)

Maroc. L’affaire Hajar Raissouni

Aboubakr Jamai 23/09/19

Offensive contre les derniers journalistes indépendants · Ce lundi 23 septembre reprendra le procès de la journaliste marocaine Hajar Raissouni. Arrêtée le 31 août, elle a été accusée d’avortement illégal et de relations sexuelles hors mariage, attaques (...)

Leadership Collapses, Hong Kong Disintegrates


Chief Executive Carrie Lam, her executive council and the herd of legislative rubber-stampers have abandoned the city to chaos. That is not accidental. It is orchestrated. Militant protesters, paid thugs, disguised agents-provocateurs and angry (...)

Hirak du Rif : un premier rapport officiel controversé

Rédaction de Tel Quel 11/07/19

Le délégué interministériel aux droits de l’Homme Ahmed Chaouqui Benyoub a rendu public le 4 juillet son premier rapport sur « les évènements d’Al Hoceima ». Un document faisant la part belle à la « main tendue » du gouvernement et aux « efforts » des (...)

Stopping the Slide : Democracy and Human Rights Decline under Duterte

Joseph Purugganan 17/05/19

From his pulpit at the State of the Nation Address (SONA) in Congress, Duterte once again rebuked human rights activists and their criticism against his violent war on drugs, by saying “your concern is human rights, mine is human lives.” As (...)

Greenpeace India may be forced to halve staff, operations amid government (...)

Tushar Dhara 31/01/19

Greenpeace India, the environmental non-governmental organisation, will scale back its operations and staff in the country by nearly 50 percent in the near future. This comes months after the Enforcement Directorate’s decision to freeze its (...)

Are Indonesia and Malaysia Ready to Stand up for China’s Muslims (...)

Nithin Coca 30/01/19

The two Southeast Asian states might be the best hope for pressure from the Islamic world. By now, the scale of the crisis is clear. There are up to 3 million Turkic Muslims – primarily Uyghurs but also ethnic Kazakhs and Kyrgyz – in a vast (...)

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