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Solidarity call for striking workers in Faisalabad

Farooq Tariq 23/07/10

In the Faisalabad region of Pakistan, the Labour Qaumi movement called a strike starting on 19th July to press the 17% wage rise accorded to private sector workers under the latest agreement.

Grève des démolisseurs de navires au Pakistan

Adaner Usmani 12/07/10

En ce mois de juillet 2010, alors que le gouvernement pakistanais s’est lancé de toutes ses forces sur la voie de l’austérité imposée par le Fonds Monétaire International (FMI), les travailleurs du pays tout entier se retrouvent à faire eux-mêmes les (...)

Unilever Lipton Management / Contractors Instigate Violent Attacks On Khanewal (...)


Faced with the possibility of losing the highly lucrative labour supply contracts that have underpinned the disposable jobs regime at Unilever Pakistan’s Lipton tea factory for two decades, contractors are colluding with factory management to (...)

Struggling for the Rule of Law : The Lawyers’ Movement

Daud Munir 13/08/09

In March 2007, when President (and General) Pervez Musharraf suspended Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Pakistani lawyers took to the streets in large numbers. It was a dangerous street where they were met with batons, barbed wire, (...)

Transition from armed insurgency to peaceful protest

Basharat Peer 14/04/09

Last autumn, hundreds of thousands of unarmed Kashmiris marched in peaceful protest against Indian rule. Dreams of independence have been tempered by more modest demands, such as an end to India’s military presence. And just possibly, in time, (...)

Civil society speaks up

Praful Bidwai 06/02/09

An unfortunate consequence of vitiated India-Pakistan relations immediately after the Mumbai terrorist attacks was the relatively muted response of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the two countries. Earlier, they had campaigned for peace (...)

The student movement

Sonya Fatah 14/07/08

Students and lawyers have been at the forefront of the movement for democracy in Pakistan. The entry of students, some from elite rivate institutions, is perhaps a harbinger of things to come. Protests, hunger strikes and various forms of civil (...)

Trade unions under attack

Farooq Tariq 03/07/08

Trade unions activists in several cities of Pakistan are facing arrests, tortures and kidnapping by the bosses and state agencies. Workers are fighting back against these attacks with utmost sacrifices. The announcement by Pakistan Peoples Party (...)

The Fracturing of Pakistan

Ali Kamran Asdar 20/06/08

Pakistan’s democratic and civilian groups face various problems : Issues of national integrity, reduction of violence, the creation of a governing consensus among different provinces and ethnic groups ; all of these will have to be tackled by the (...)

Pakistani Textile Workers Resist Privatisation

Zafar Imam 03/06/08

The « Shahdadkot Textile Mills » has been the biggest industrial complex, employing about 6000 workers in this whole region of Upper Sindh. This Textile plant was established in 1974 under the instructions of Zulfiqar ali Bhutto, then Prime (...)

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