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Pakistan et Asie de l’Est : des politiques industrielles aux résultats (...)

Nazia Nazeer, Rajah Rasiah 05/06/19

Le rôle de l’État développeur a été déterminant dans la croissance du secteur manufacturier dans plusieurs pays asiatiques. La Corée du Sud en particulier s’est développée en une génération grâce à un processus de rattrapage technologique maîtrisé. Le (...)

Early hurdles for Pakistan’s new government

Michael Kugelman 01/08/18

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party won the country’s 2018 national election on 25 July. PTI leader Imran Khan, a cricketer-turned-politician, is likely to achieve his long-time dream of serving as Pakistan’s prime minister. In a speech on 26 (...)

Kashmir’s Lonely Struggle


Indians cannot be free if we enslave and brutalise a people for demanding azaadi from India. Silence has greeted 100 days of the cycle of repression and defiance, curfew and bandh and staggering casualties in the Kashmir Valley since 8 July. (...)

Inde-Pakistan : trajectoires des mouvements de femmes et rapports avec (...)

Nida Kirmani 09/12/15

En Inde et au Pakistan, les mouvements de femmes entretiennent des rapports tumultueux avec la religion. Depuis les années 1980, les féministes sont confrontées au fondamentalisme religieux des nationalistes hindous en Inde, et à celui des groupes (...)

Northeast India Faces Floods of Migrants

Nava Thakuria 24/09/15

Ethnic strife, communal violence, drive refuges from Bangladesh, Pakistan While Europe faces a massive human refugee flow from civil strife and wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, India’s northeastern region, particularly the state of (...)

Of nationalism and love in Southasia

Shivam Vij 22/06/12

Conflict resolution in Southasia is hostage to our inability to see that we are trapped in a nationalist hall of mirrors. The predominant emotion with which jingoistic Indians and Pakistanis view each others’ misfortunes is schadenfreude. They (...)

Food Riots Are the True Face of Global Warming

Amy Goodman, Raj Patel, Sharif Abdel Kouddous 15/09/10

Thirteen people died and hundreds were wounded last week in the African nation of Mozambique when police cracked down on a three-day protest over a 30 percent hike in the price of bread. The UN says the riots in Mozambique should be a wake-up (...)

Social crisis stalks Pakistan

Snehal Shingavi 03/09/10

The catastrophe is being shaped by powerful political and economic forces—and the most vulnerable have been left to fend for themselves.

Pakistan must refuse foreign debt repayments, divert amount for relief & (...)

Farooq Tariq 19/08/10

Labour Relief Campaign is a network of 8 social and political organization of Pakistan that include National Trade Union Federation, Women Workers Help Line, Progressive Youth Front, Labour Party Pakistan, Pakistan For Palestine, CADTM Pakistan, (...)

The first victory for striking workers

Farooq Tariq 29/07/10

This afternoon (22nd July), after 17 days of strike by over 20,000 power looms workers in the Jhang district, the bosses agreed to meet the demands. The district coordination officer (DCO) announced at the textile workers’ strike camp that all (...)

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