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Journey of fear towards an uncertain future

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury 18/04/12

The two large parties in Bangladesh have already turned to the worst sort of dynastic politics. At the same time, Islamist influences and left wing groups are becoming ever more involved with the dominant political forces. Alongside this, (...)

The politics of Egypt’s elections

Andrea Teti , Gennaro Gervasio 29/12/11

The military may wish to maintain its economic and political stranglehold, the Brotherhood may feel its time has come, and progressive groups may want to push for real change. But for the time being the Egyptian people remain an enigma. As (...)

Libya’s revolution : tribe, nation, politics

Igor Cherstich 05/10/11

The Libyan war is often portrayed through a “tribal” lens that fails to explain how the country’s tribes coexist with a sense of nationhood. The Libyan war has not been a tribal conflict. Yet throughout the seven months of fighting, much external (...)

The Arab 1989 revisited

David Held, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen 28/09/11

The establishment and deepening of a democratic culture is a long-term project and is intergenerational. As divisions open up between the elites and the street as well as within the elites, the events of 2011 across the Middle East and North (...)

A world on the margin

Paul Rogers 25/05/10

The diverse social insurgencies in such countries as Thailand, Greece, India and China can also be seen in a common frame, as responses to a global process that produces extreme inequality and exclusion. The Thai army moved on 18 May 2010 to (...)

The elusive dialogue

Charles Reading 26/04/10

An initiative to address the complex conflicts in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua seeks to learn from past failure by extending the understanding of dialogue. The understanding of “conflict resolution” has increasingly shifted (...)

Nigeria and the politics of massacre

Martin Shaw 16/04/10

The shocking massacre of hundreds of Christian villagers near Jos, central Nigeria, in early and mid-March 2010 attracted considerable – if also brief - international attention. A study in the (London) Observer claims that considerably more (...)

Thailand’s political transformation

Tyrell Haberkorn 15/04/10

The state’s violent response to mass protests in Bangkok takes Thailand’s deep polarisation to an even more dangerous level. But a new Thailand is also struggling to be born. The weeks of popular protests by thousands of red-shirted demonstrators (...)

Brazil after Lula : left vs left

Arthur Ituassu 24/03/10

Brazil’s presidential election of 2010 is the first since the return to democracy in 1985 in which Lula is not a candidate. The country’s emerging political alignment forms a big part of his legacy, says Arthur Ituassu. As a cooling Rio summer (...)

Bangladesh erupts in ethnic violence

Pinaki Roy 17/03/10

Bangladesh has been rocked by the recent flaring up of decades old ethnic tensions, as Bengali settlers set fire to hundreds of indigenous homes. Pinaki Roy reports from Dhaka on the latest developments and explores the background to the (...)

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