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How the commodification of knowledge is creating a new age of colonialism

Radmir Khajbakhteev 11/02/20

By becoming passive consumers of knowledge produced in the global north, developing countries are slowly being recolonized. This article is part of our Economy’s ’Decolonising the economy’ series. The 2008 global financial crisis revealed that (...)

Anti-colonial feminist collective «La Cole» are leading the Puerto Rican (...)

Aurora Santiago-Ortiz 10/02/20

The anti-colonial feminist collective «La Colectiva Feminista en Construcción» were pivotal in the ouster of Ricardo Rosselló and remain on the front lines demanding a more just economy. Puerto Rico, a colonial territory of the US since 1898, has (...)

El feminismo anticolonial que sacude Puerto Rico

Aurora Santiago-Ortiz 10/02/20

La Cole, un colectivo feminista anticolonial, fue clave en la destitución de Ricardo Rosselló como gobernador de Puerto Rico. Hoy es una fuerza política clave en la denuncia del colonialismo que sigue ejerciendo Estados Unidos. Puerto Rico, (...)

Is civic space really shrinking, and if so who’s to blame?

David Sogge 01/10/19

The changing shape of civil society is due to international forces, not just domestic repression. Vilified as alien wolves in local sheep’s clothing, human rights NGOs and independent media groups have been cut off from their outside funders and (...)

Victory in the shadow of Erdogan’s authoritarianism

Alperen Atik , Burcu Degirmen-Dysart 26/06/19

Turkey’s opposition wins a major victory showing that the government’s push to overturn the Istanbul mayoral elections had an inverse effect. On June 23, Istanbul residents cast a ballot to elect their mayor for the second time in the last three (...)

Designer activism and post-democracy

Alex De Waal 25/04/17

For campaigners committed to transformational social change, the unscripted howl of celebrities is a weak peg on which to hang a movement. Celebrity philanthropists like Bono, Madonna, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie have become the public (...)

The battle for neoliberal hegemony: an interview with Nancy Fraser

Fabiola Navarro, Nancy Fraser, Roque Urbieta Hernandez 25/01/16

The conditions of working-class people in the global north are converging with the conditions of the global south. Over the past two decades, we have witnessed a permanent global crisis in our political systems, from an increasingly precarious (...)

New movements in South Africa ?

Matt Meyer 18/12/13

Despite a rising consciousness throughout the continent of the problems of increased militarization, coinciding with an increased appreciation of the power of creative nonviolent conflict, these conditions have not yet led to a rising movement (...)

Who is Xi Jinping, and where will he lead China?

William A Callahan 08/11/12

The imminent accession to power of China’s fifth generation of leaders since 1949 focuses attention on the background and character of its new president. Xi Jinping’s route to the summit, and the crucial fall of his fellow princeling Bo Xilai (...)

Sudan’s protests become civil insurrection

Stephen Zunes 09/07/12

Sudan has a history of non-violent pro-democracy civil insurrection which far pre-dates the Arab Spring. But can such an uprising succeed today? A growing anti-government movement consisting of nonviolent demonstrations as well as scattered (...)

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