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A dangerous new low in state-sponsored hate

Harsh Mander 07/01/20

In Uttar Pradesh, police bias and the scale of violence against the minorities are plumbing new depths Uttar Pradesh is in the throes of what is fast becoming a gravely culpable crime against humanity. It may not be an exaggeration to say that (...)

India’s new citizenship act legalizes a Hindu nation

Anil Varughese 23/12/19

India’s recently passed Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 is a frontal assault on the idea of India as a secular, pluralist democracy. For the first time, legal sanction has been given to the recasting of India as a Hindu majoritarian nation (...)

Inde : la résistible ascension de Narendra Modi

Harsh Mander 17/12/19

L’opposition indienne apparaît fort démunie face au rouleau compresseur de haine du pouvoir réactionnaire, nationaliste et raciste du premier ministre Modi et de son parti Bhartiya Janata. À contre-courant, des militants des droits humains, des (...)

Twin authoritarianisms in Myanmar

Khin Zaw Win 24/09/19

In the early 21st century, we see that a good part of the world is turning its back on diversity – and this goes beyond Southeast Asia. We see this in Europe, in India, and in the Americas. This trend manifests as a poisonous concoction of (...)

India’s aggression over Kashmir


Narendra Modi’s high-handed action over the disputed territory is likely to revive conflict with Pakistan The crisis over Kashmir, triggered by the Indian government’s decision to impose direct rule from Delhi, has universal relevance. It says (...)

The Hindu Counterrevolution : The Violent Recreation of an Imagined (...)

Walden Bello 10/10/18

Walden Bello traces the rise of the present-day Hindu nationalist movement from its marginal origins at the time of Indian independence to its formidable present domination of the political landscape. The author traces the roots and roles of (...)

India : National Register of Citizens and the Supreme Court

Alok Prasanna Kumar 30/07/18

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, which has met with fierce resistance in the north-eastern states, especially Assam, is likely to be shelved by the union government and not introduced in this session of Parliament (Bhattacharya 2018). The (...)

Turkey’s Nationalist Agenda for Seizing Cultural Hegemony

N. Ekrem Düzen 05/07/18

Waging a Cultural War A seventy-year-old monumental cultural center at the heart of Istanbul is being torn down while a new mosque is hastily being erected directly across from it. The president of Turkey celebrated the bulldozing of the (...)

New violence against Muslims in Sri Lanka has old roots

Pravin Prakash 30/03/18

On 5 March 2018, the Sri Lankan government mandated a state of emergency for ten days following riots and a wave of targeted violence against Muslims in the city of Kandy. The latest episode took place after a Sinhalese Buddhist truck driver (...)

Myanmar : the darker side of buddhism

Paul Fuller 21/11/17

Sitagu Sayadaw is one of the most respected religious leaders in Myanmar. He is very well known for his teachings and for his philanthropic work. He has considerable influence. It therefore surprised many in his native Myanmar and worldwide when (...)

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