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History Repeats Itself for Indigenous Communities Under Attack

Mario A. Murillo 17/10/08

On October 14, over 12,000 indigenous activists and representatives of other popular and social sectors of southern Colombia congregated in what is called the “Territory of Peace and Coexistence” in La María Piendamó, Cauca department, confronting a (...)

Garifuna Resistance Against Mega-Tourism in Tela Bay

James Rodríguez 06/08/08

“’We have hundreds of kilometers of beaches that aren’t developed, and it’s a waste,’ said the then Honduran Tourism Secretary (IHT), Ana Abarca in 2001. ‘We want strong tourism. We are going after the sun and the beach.’" These hundreds of (...)

Democracy and socialism

Boaventura de Sousa Santos 09/07/08

As Europe and Latin America’s leaders meet behind the “safety” of barricades and thousands of police during the Fifth Official Ministerial between the two regions, the National Engineering University is host to the Third Peoples’ Summit : Linking (...)

Two Frentes, One Revolution ?

Tim Rogers 07/07/08

Facundo Guardado leans back in his chair in a trendy downtown bar in San Salvador and exhales blue smoke from his cigarette. His grizzled face tells of past adventures, and his occasional laugh suggests a spark that could lead to more in the (...)

The Rise of Food Fascism

Roger Burbach 04/07/08

Like many third world countries Bolivia is experiencing food shortages and rising food prices attributable to a global food marketing system driven by multinational agribusiness corporations. With sixty percent of the Bolivian population living (...)

Porto Alegre’s Participatory Budgeting at a Crossroads

Michael Fox 23/04/08

In the early 1990s, the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, then-led by the leftist Workers’ Party (PT), garnered international attention for pioneering citizen participation in allocating a chunk of city resources. Nearly 20 years after (...)

Informal Trash Recyclers Go Global

Teo Ballvé 11/04/08

In poor cities around the world, millions eke out a living by scavenging recyclable materials from the streets that can be exchanged for fractions of a cent. They are at the lowest rung of consumer society, the very rock-bottom of globalization. (...)

Latin American Social Movements : Standing up to Friends

Marcela Valente 28/02/08

Most of the progressive governments of Latin America present a paradox for the social movements that make part of the World Social Forum (WSF) in that it is hard for them to stand up to presidents and government functionaries who once formed (...)

Attack on Peace Community in Colombia

Teo Ballvé 27/02/08

Last July, two armed men in uniform identifying themselves as “Black Eagle” paramilitaries stopped a vehicle traveling to the small town of San José de Apartadó in northwest Colombia. They forced Dairo Torres from the car at gunpoint and told the (...)

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