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The FARC and its Peace Initiative

Nazih Richani 14/03/12

In an effort to bring its armed conflict with the Colombian government to a negotiated settlement, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), has made two important concessions. One is the unilateral release of all captured military (...)

The Minga’s History Repeats Itself

Mario A. Murillo 27/10/10

Colombia’s indigenous movement is complex, multifaceted, and by no means homogenous, so it should not be surprising that there are important disagreements within it. Today the movement is facing a pivotal moment in which leaders must decide (...)

Repression Intensifies, Resistance Deepens, and Washington Promotes Recognition (...)

Susan Fitzpatrick-Behrens 22/03/10

February and March have been especially brutal months in the state-sponsored repression of the popular resistance in Honduras. In just the past two weeks, three journalists have been assassinated and numerous activists have been detained, (...)

Brazil Faces Its Post-Lula Future

Reed M. Kurtz 09/03/10

Despite Brazil’s reputation as an emerging economic powerhouse, it remains deeply troubled by challenges that threaten its long-term stability and its prospects for becoming a viable leader of the Global South. Questions of land and wealth (...)

The Disconcerting ‘Success’ of Nicaragua’s Anti-Poverty Programs

Alejandro Gutiérrez 24/02/10

A little more than two months ago, an article appeared on NACLA’s website purporting to be “an objective assessment of President Daniel Ortega’s government in Nicaragua . . . [and] the programs it has put in place that are improving the lives of (...)

Peru’s ’Cold War’ Against Indigenous Peoples

Kristina Aiello 31/07/09

The recent conflict in the Peruvian Amazon is only the most violent symptom of an ongoing cold war being waged by President Alan García and his ruling Aprista party against indigenous groups. Besides a racist propaganda campaign and violent (...)

Guadeloupe on Strike

Yarimar Bonilla 06/05/09

On January 20 the Caribbean archipelago of Guadeloupe witnessed the launch of the largest political movement in its history. For 44 days a mass general strike brought the French overseas territory to a standstill : Schools and universities (...)

Y Tu, Daniel ? The Sandinista Revolution Betrayed

Roger Burbach 10/04/09

Upon his inauguration as Nicaraguan president in January 2007, Daniel Ortega asserted that his government would represent “the second stage of the Sandinista Revolution.” His election was full of symbolic resonance, coming after 16 years of (...)

Chiapas Under Siege by Global Industries

John Ross 23/02/09

The commodification of the Zapatista movement recently reached absurdist heights with the New York Times designation of rebel villages in southeastern Chiapas as a hot budget tourist destination. « Chiapas Is Cheap ! Indian Villages Flourish And (...)

An Important but Risky Victory

Gregory Wilpert 23/02/09

The ten percentage point victory (55-45%) that President Chávez and his movement achieved on Sunday, February 15, 2009, in favor of amending Venezuela’s constitution so that Chávez may run for president again in 2012, represents a very important (...)

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