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La fragmentation du genre dans l’Irak post-invasion

Didier Epsztajn, Zahra Ali 26/11/18

Recension de Didier Epsztajn à propos de l’article de Zahra Ali consacré à la « fragmentation du genre dans l’Irak post-invasion », dans la revue Nouvelles questions féministes, consacrée aux Solidarités familiales ?. Loin du campisme (l’ennemi de mon (...)

Ouïgours. « Un système de détention préventive » des musulmans chinois

Jean Michel Morel 17/10/18

Rebiya Kadeer est née au cœur du Xinjiang. Elle a 71 ans. En 1995, alors qu’elle conduit une brillante carrière d’entrepreneure, le gouvernement chinois l’envoie comme déléguée à la Quatrième conférence mondiale sur les femmes des Nations unies qui se (...)

A better political economy of the Rohingya crisis

Lee Jones 12/10/17

In the last few weeks, over 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled a bloody pogrom in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, crossing into Bangladesh. Among the horrified and largely moralistic reactions in the West, some have pointed to economic factors (...)

Rakhine Violence : Unraveling the Context and State Response

Angshuman Choudhury 14/09/17

What led up to the recent spike in violence ? At midnight on August 25, hundreds of assailants launched coordinated attacks on close to 30 security installations, including police stations, border posts, and a military base, in northern (...)

Is The Lady still a champion of rights and democracy ?

David Hutt 02/03/17

The life of a politician is made infinitely easier when, as the saying goes, their actions are judged by their reputation, and not the other way around. Such a phrase is befitting of Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, whom the media can (...)

The Rohingya crisis and Suu Kyi’s chance

Daniel Sullivan 26/01/17

Myanmar’s foreign minister and de-facto leader is caught between conflicting international and domestic pressures over the Rohingya crisis, but Daniel P Sullivan argues she can harness the growing chorus of international criticism to break down (...)

Burma is Heading in the Wrong Direction

Aung Zaw 28/11/16

If one wanted to describe the current political climate in Burma, it is like a roller coaster ride. The Daw Aung San Suu Kyi-led government has faced ups and downs in recent months and is now at a low. There is growing criticism toward her (...)

Oromo protests : Why US must stop enabling Ethiopia

Awol K. Allo 28/10/16

Ethiopia is facing a crisis of unprecedented magnitude, yet its government and Western enablers refuse to acknowledge and recognize the depth of the crisis. The nationwide protest held on Saturday by the Oromo people, the single largest ethnic (...)

Myanmar : Unaccounted citizens

Salil Tripathi 21/09/16

The Rohingya struggle to find a place for themselves inside and outside Myanmar. The rains are here, and the seas are rough, so the sails are drawn down. But once the monsoon recedes and the storms fade, the waters turn calmer in the Bay of (...)