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Nigeria : a will for political change

Paul Martial 22/05/15

A double relief prevails in Nigeria. The presidential elections of late March, 2015, were conducted without any outbreaks of violence, and the outgoing President, Goodluck Jonathan, was beaten. With a score of 54% of the votes, Muhammadu Buhari (...)

When triumphant neoliberalism begins to crack

Franck Gaudichaud 03/11/11

On September 22, 2011, wearing a dark suit, a purple tie and a light blue shirt, president Sebastián Piñera went up to the rostrum of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The head of the Chilean government - and nevertheless a successful (...)

Voices from Venezuela

Jeffery R. Webber, Susan Spronk 10/09/10

In mid-June 2010, Jeffery R. Webber and Susan Spronk interviewed three revolutionary socialist activists, Gonzalo Gómez, Stalin Pérez Borges, and Luis Primo in Caracas, Venezuela to discuss their views on the contradictions and prospects of the (...)

Pakistan must refuse foreign debt repayments, divert amount for relief & (...)

Farooq Tariq 19/08/10

Labour Relief Campaign is a network of 8 social and political organization of Pakistan that include National Trade Union Federation, Women Workers Help Line, Progressive Youth Front, Labour Party Pakistan, Pakistan For Palestine, CADTM Pakistan, (...)

After fifty years of “independence”

Jean Nanga 13/08/10

At the start of the second decade of the 21st century, numerous states in sub- Saharan Africa which once belonged to the British and French colonial empires are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of their creation or the independence of the (...)

Placing the crisis in perspective

Pierre Rousset 05/08/10

Thailand is today experiencing a brutal, global, crisis concerning simultaneously the place of the monarchy and army, the divisions inside the bourgeoisie, the relations between social classes “from above” and “from below”, the institutions and the (...)

The first victory for striking workers

Farooq Tariq 29/07/10

This afternoon (22nd July), after 17 days of strike by over 20,000 power looms workers in the Jhang district, the bosses agreed to meet the demands. The district coordination officer (DCO) announced at the textile workers’ strike camp that all (...)

Solidarity call for striking workers in Faisalabad

Farooq Tariq 23/07/10

In the Faisalabad region of Pakistan, the Labour Qaumi movement called a strike starting on 19th July to press the 17% wage rise accorded to private sector workers under the latest agreement.

The politics of the poor – socialism in Indonesia

Alex de Jong 08/07/10

Twelve years after one of the bloodiest military regimes worldwide ended, the radical left still faces a hard struggle in Indonesia. An interview with Indonesian activist Paulus Suryanta Ginting. I’m a spokesperson for an organisation called (...)

For a broader solidarity against political repression in Morocco

International View Point 01/07/10

The Moroccan public university and school systems are undergoing a sustained attack on the right of the Moroccan common people to a public, good and free education. This attack is shaped by a document called “National Charter for Education and (...)

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