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Debunking 8 Myths About Why Central American Children Are Migrating

David Bacon 21/08/14

‘Lax enforcement’ is not the culprit—U.S. trade and immigration policies are. The mass migration of children from Central America has been at the center of a political firestorm over the past few weeks. The mainstream media has run dozens of (...)

Tribes in Kenya Wage Water War

Nash Colundalur 07/09/10

In the first skirmishes due to global warming, nomads fight for survival.

In Iran, Brutal Repression Against Bus Drivers and Other Unionists (...)

Kari Lydersen 31/08/10

Bus drivers, sugar cane workers and teachers are among the trade unionists currently incarcerated and targeted for terror, torture and intimidation – along with their families – in Iran’s ongoing brutal campaign to suppress organized labor. At (...)

Where the Press is Free to Die

Stefan Simanowitz 20/07/10

Death of jailed journalist raises questions in Cameroon, one of Africa’s most corrupt nations.

To justify a land grab, Delhi has a new enemy : the Maoists.

Arundhati Roy 27/01/10

The low, flat-topped hills of south Orissa have been home to the Dongria Kondh long before there was a country called India or a state called Orissa. The hills watched over the Kondh. The Kondh watched over the hills and worshipped them as (...)

Kenya’s Indy Media

Michelle Chen 21/03/08

While news reports across the world have displayed images of chaos shaking Kenya, an alternative media system driven by ordinary Kenyans is emerging in the East African country to help raise the voices of the seldom heard. The violent aftermath (...)