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Titre Himal Southasian
Langue anglais
Pays, continent Nepal, Asie
Editeur The Southasia Trust, Lalitpur
Périodicité journalière
Editions électronique
Site web http://www.himalmag.com/


Myanmar : Unaccounted citizens

Salil Tripathi 21/09/16

The Rohingya struggle to find a place for themselves inside and outside Myanmar. The rains are here, and the seas are rough, so the sails are drawn down. But once the monsoon recedes and the storms fade, the waters turn calmer in the Bay of (...)

Burma : Ethnic groups, the military and ‘the Lady’

Ashley South 28/01/16

As anticipated, the National League for Democracy (NLD) won a landslide victory in the 2015 Burma elections. This is a massive and historic achievement. Nothing will be the same again in Burmese politics. Over the past couple of days, a number (...)

Despair and defiance

Sushovan Dhar 06/05/15

Tea-garden workers in India and the oppressive conditions and obstacles in mobilising. India’s tea sector is driven in large part by Assam and West Bengal, which account for over 70 percent of the country’s tea production. There are at least one (...)

Burma : Battlefield to marketplace and back

David Brenner 15/04/15

In the 2008 film Rambo, a well-aged Sylvester Stallone gasped his way up the Salween River and through the thick jungle between Burma and Thailand. With the help of Karen freedom fighters, Stallone’s character, the redoubtable John Rambo, was (...)

India : Campus gender politics

Asmita Das 23/02/15

Universities are often seen as relatively safe spaces for students from all genders to interact more freely than they would be able to off campus. Many students get together to imagine a more equal society, one that does not tolerate (...)

Reconstructing Sri Lanka’s North

Ahilan Kadirgamar 20/01/15

A recent talk on the need for democratic mobilisation of resources and a politics of self-reflexivity in rebuilding Sri Lanka’s social institutions. Almost five years after the end of the war in Sri Lanka, the country’s North cannot be engaged (...)

Agroecology as an alternative to India’s failed agrarian system

Milind Wani 03/07/14

Last September, inflation, as indicated by the wholesale price index, rose to a seven-month high of 6.46 percent. Food inflation was at 18.4 percent, and was led by skyrocketing onion prices, which increased by a whopping 323 percent. While the (...)

India : In search of food sovereignty

K. Sandeep 19/04/13

The National Food Security Bill (NFSB) has become the source of many debates, having come under the scrutiny of activists, economists and civil society actors. While those opposing the bill have highlighted problems from various angles, one side (...)

Bhutan : Dictated democracy ?

P Adhikari 24/12/12

With elections looming, Bhutan – one of the youngest democracies in the world – is struggling to stabilise its government and political system. In December 2006, King Jigme Singye announced he would abdicate the throne, making way for the young (...)

The return of the Taliban puritans ?

Thomas Ruttig 04/09/12

LAIZA—Baptist Rev. Ja Gun is one of the most prominent historians and linguists in Kachin State. Educated at the University of Rangoon during the 1960-70s, a period of great student activism in which he took part, he now tutors Kachin Independent (...)

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