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India’s aggression over Kashmir


Narendra Modi’s high-handed action over the disputed territory is likely to revive conflict with Pakistan The crisis over Kashmir, triggered by the Indian government’s decision to impose direct rule from Delhi, has universal relevance. It says (...)

Bay of Bengal : depleted fish stocks and huge dead zone signal tipping (...)

Aaron Savio Lobo, Amitav Ghosh 02/02/17

he Bay of Bengal’s basin contains some of the most populous regions of the earth. No less than a quarter of the world’s population is concentrated in the eight countries that border the bay. Approximately 200 million people live along the Bay of (...)

Land of opportunity – and fear – along route of Nicaragua’s giant new (...)

Jonathan Watts 20/02/15

In an era of breathtaking engineering feats, there is unease about what this mega project will mean for people and their homes, wildlife and ecosystems. Will it bring wealth and growth or confusion and destruction ? Just north of Punta Gorda, (...)

Exposing the real Tunisia

Soumaya Ghannoushi 06/01/11

A recent wave of unrest belies the myth of a Tunisian miracle, and offers a stark warning. It seems that the waters of the stagnant Arab swamp may be stirring at last. Tunisia, that small north African country on the Arab world’s western shores, (...)

It’s time to tackle climate change and agricultural development in (...)

Olivier De schutter 19/10/10

Next stop for policymakers gathered in Rome for World Food Day should be Cancun, venue of the climate change summit Remember 2008 ? The prices of agricultural commodities doubling in a matter of months, food riots in about 30 developing (...)

Tunisia is backtracking on women’s rights

Kamel Labidi 31/08/10

Tunisia’s historical commitment to women’s rights is being used by Ben Ali as a smokescreen for the persecution they now suffer.

So much for Egypt’s ’day of rage’

Jack Shenker 08/04/09

It was billed as a « day of rage », 24 hours of co-ordinated protests across the country in which Egypt’s 80 million citizens would send a powerful message of defiance to their unloved government. In reality, at best it proved to be a day of mild (...)

Six months after riots, tension high as armed police clamp down in (...)

Tania Branigan 02/10/08

Tibet’s capital is under heavy security more than six months after riots tore through the city, with armed police stationed at every main tourist spot and patrolling through the heart of Lhasa. The police chief and one of the region’s vice (...)

Morales awaits verdict on his revolution

Rory Carroll 08/08/08

When Che Guevara decided to export Cuba’s revolution to South America he chose Bolivia, a country where poverty and inequality were so extreme that the oppressed would surely rally to his banner. He was wrong. The rebellion flopped and the (...)