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South Africa : Historic win for striking miners

Gillian Schutte , Sipho Singiswa 15/07/14

The stadium in Phokeng outside Rustenburg in South Africa’s North West Province exploded in jubilation when the end of the longest strike in South Africa’s history was announced on June 23. Men and women waved their arms victoriously in the air (...)

How the West helped create Somali terror

Tony Iltis 03/10/13

The logic of terrorism is violent political theatre ― the aim is not just to inflict harm but to be widely noticed inflicting harm. From this perspective, the Somali militia al Shabaab’s September 21 seizure of the upmarket Westgate Shopping Mall (...)

Eyewitness : Israel’s ’blood harvest’ in occupied Golan

Jillian Kestler-D’Amours 17/06/11

Hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian refugees marched on June 5 from Syrian-controlled territory to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Refugees in Palestine and elsewhere marked the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Egyptian (...)

Burma : New phase for democracy struggle

Tony Iltis 22/11/10

Burma’s November 7 elections — held under an undemocratic constitution in an atmosphere of repression and with the result crudely rigged — have been overshadowed by the release from house arrest of opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) (...)

Melanesian land alliance formed

Tim Anderson 23/08/10

In June, several Melanesian community groups met in Madang, Papua New Guinea, to create a land defence group. The Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance (MILDA) will coordinate efforts in the region to help traditional families maintain (...)

The struggle is for democracy

Giles Ji Ungpakorn 06/05/10

In a democratic society, when there is a deep crisis, it is customary for the government to dissolve parliament and call elections in order for the people to decide. This happened in Britain and France after mass strikes and demonstrations in (...)

High noon in Nepal — eyewitness to revolution


On May 1 in Kathmandu, between 500,000-1 million people took over the streets in a dramatic show of force by Nepal’s Maoists to demand a return to civilian rule and a democratic process of creating a new, pro-people constitution. With the (...)

West Papua : Protests for vote despite violence

Tony Iltis 10/02/10

On January 27, 1500 people marched in Timika demanding a referendum on the future status of West Papua, a former Dutch colony that has been occupied by Indonesia since 1962. The rally took place without being attacked, despite recent violent (...)

The‘green hunt’ and gold in the hills


Narendra Mohan Kommalapati The plains of peninsular India are ringed by two rows of hill ranges with their bases in the south, spreading up the coastlines in two great arcs west and east. The eastern ranges, “eastern ghats”, start in the state of (...)

« Real power comes from the people »

Paul Benedek 26/11/09

More than 200 activists, including a large proportion of youth and women, packed Kuala Lumpur’s Chinese Assembly Hall for the first day of Socialism 2009, an annual conference organised by the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM). The focus was an (...)

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