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Syria : The Continuing Revolution and the Urgent Need for Peace

Dorothy-Grace Guerrero 18/11/13

The revolution in Syria, similar to the uprisings in Tunis and Cairo, was a product of the Arab Spring in 2011. The uprising against the Assad regime began as a nonviolent expression of the aspirations that the Syrian people share with the (...)

The Challenge to Asia’s Social Movements

Walden Bello 23/09/13

Speech at meeting of international social movements, Hotel Trang, Bangkok, August 31, 2012. This July was the hottest July in the United States ever since they started keeping records. In India, the monsoon rains are long delayed, resulting in (...)

Philippines : Waterloo for agrarian reform ?

Walden Bello 20/09/13

The Philippines still has a chance of meeting the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving the proportion of people living in poverty by 50 per cent from 1990 levels if it resolutely carries out the right policies, National Economic (...)

Philippines : Whose growth ? Whose democracy ?

Clarissa Militante, Joseph Purugganan, Mary Ann Manahan 21/02/13

Economic growth is tricky business—so is democracy and democratization. We desire both, but when they do occur, one cannot simply take them at face value. Inequalities exist— persist even—amidst economic growth. Injustices remain—and can (...)

Is Asia for Sale ? Trends, Issues and Strategies against Land Grabbing

Mary Ann Manahan 19/10/11

Foreign acquisitions of agricultural lands in Asia and elsewhere have been a focus of concern for many actors and interest groups. This has put land rights issues and investments in agriculture back onto the global development agenda. This (...)

Il est temps de proscrire l’accaparement des terres !


Du 18 au 20 avril 2011, une rencontre de 200 investisseurs agricoles, responsables gouvernementaux et fonctionnaires internationaux aura lieu au siège de la Banque mondiale à Washington, afin de discuter la façon “d’opérationnaliser” les (...)

Suppression of Dissent and Resultant Violence cannot Resolve Conflicts


Suppression of Dissent and Resultant Violence cannot Resolve Conflicts : The Thai Government and UDD Must Urgently Return to the Negotiating Table Statement from Focus on the Global South, May 17, 2010 The steps taken by the Thai Government (...)

Climate and Capitalism in Copenhagen

Walden Bello 23/12/09

Beginning in the second week of December, representatives to the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen will wrestle with the challenge of climate change. This week, influential actors in the World Trade Organization Seventh Ministerial (...)

The party and the peasantry

Walden Bello 10/06/09

Political sociologists have sometimes described the Chinese Revolution as the product of an alliance between middle class intellectuals and the peasantry. In his innovative revision of Marxist-Leninist theory, Mao Zedong transformed the (...)

Bangkok and the bipolar struggles : What’s the way out ?

Chanida Chanyapate , Jacques-chai Chomthongdi 21/04/09

Anyone getting into a taxi these days may find him/herself in the wrong place, becoming part of a road block somewhere on the main streets of Bangkok and forced to walk the rest of the way. The mass of red clad supporters of the United Front (...)

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