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The New Denialism

Richard Pithouse 30/10/14

In 2005, early in her in her first term as Minister of Housing, Lindiwe Sisulu announced that the state had resolved to ‘eradicate slums’ by 2014. This was a time when the technocratic ideal had more credibility than it does now and officials and (...)

In climate of repression, who can surf South Africa’s micro-protest (...)

Patrick Bond 08/08/12

The recent surge of unconnected community protests across South Africa confirms the country’s profound social, economic and environmental contradictions. But if activists fall before a new hail of police bullets, or if they lack an overarching (...)

Rebelión de la población trabajadora china: esas huelgas son buenas para China...y (...)

Seumas Milne 07/07/10

Las protestas en las fábricas chinas contra la desenfrenada explotación podrían contribuir a transformar su modelo de forma tal, que todos saldríamos beneficiados. Algo se agita en el taller del mundo. A lo largo de varias semanas se han registrado (...)

Six red cards for Fifa

Patrick Bond 16/06/10

It is not too late for South Africa to take back some of its sovereignty Patrick Bond, Eye on Civil Society column (The Mercury) 8 June 2010 Could a last-minute U-turn reverse egregious mistakes that our national and municipal governments are (...)

Une explosion de colère sociale se prépare

Walden Bello 14/06/10

A mesure que des marchandises s’entassent sur les quais de Bangkok à Shanghai, et qu’un nombre record de travailleurs est licencié, les populations d’Asie du Sud-est commencent à se rendre compte qu’elles sont en train de vivre non seulement un déclin (...)

The Rising Class Struggle

Mostafa Omar 11/06/10

This year has seen a dramatic increase in political dissent and workers’ protests in Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt. In the second installment of this three-part series, Mostafa Omar describes Egyptian workers’ new sense of confidence—and new tactics. EGYPT (...)

El Otro Chile : tras los sones de Víctor Jara

Raúl Zibechi 08/09/09

Mientras el país se adentra en una mediática campaña electoral, en algunos barrios siguen armando un mundo nuevo, en base a mucha solidaridad y activa participación de los de abajo. Una realidad muy pareceida a la que cantaba Víctor Jara. El Bio (...)

People are demanding public service, not service delivery

Steven Friedman 01/09/09

Township citizens are protesting not because they want «service delivery» but because they want to escape it. The current round of grassroots protests - which have been happening for three-and-a- half years but are now receiving some rare (...)

The Poorest Resist «Social Cleansing»

Raúl Zibechi 17/11/08

The shantytowns of the Argentine capital are the site of an intense conflict between the city’s government, presided over by businessman Mauricio Macri, and their inhabitants, the poorest and most marginalized who have been persecuted for (...)

Where the Asphalt Ends: Bogota’s Periferies

Raúl Zibechi 12/03/08

At the southern end of Bogota, Colombia, in the cold, wind-eroded mountains, millions of people displaced by 60 years of war try to build the world of their dreams despite threats from armed groups and abuse from landowners. «People have come (...)

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