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Titre East Asia Forum
Langue anglais
Pays, continent Australie
Editeur Shiro Armstrong et Peter Drysdale
Périodicité 2x/jour
Editions électronique
Site web http://www.eastasiaforum.org/


The awakening of Xi’s Chinese Dream

Shaheli Das 07/04/16

The ‘China Dream’, a signature slogan of President Xi Jinping, has drawn worldwide attention. At a time when the growing assertiveness of China is being linked to the revival of the idea of Sino-centrism, the resurgence of a once ‘humiliated’ (...)

Myanmar’s political choice

Peter Drysdale 03/11/15

On 8 November, the people of Myanmar will make their choice in an election that represents an important step along the way towards a more democratic political system. Whatever the outcome, the election will not be the end of Myanmar’s story of (...)

Indonesia : Jokowi lacks leadership on corruption

Liam Gammon 06/07/15

The higher they rise, the harder they fall. No politician in post-Suharto Indonesia has risen higher and faster than Joko Widodo (Jokowi), whose win in the 2014 presidential elections was considered a breath of fresh air for a vibrant but (...)

Thai election won’t solve political crisis

Pavin Chachavalpongun 23/06/15

The Thai political crisis has deepened following the coup of 22 May 2014. The military claimed it was saving Thailand from slipping into a new round of political violence after months of anti-Yingluck Shinawatra protests. But, in reality, it (...)

Philippines : Missing the peace in Muslim Mindanao

Patricio Abinales 08/05/15

There is still no peace in Muslim Mindanao. A recent agreement to grant the region autonomy had support but is now in limbo after 44 policemen were killed in the region on 25 January 2015. So why has peace eluded Mindanao for so long ? And how (...)

Compromise essential to resolve Myanmar’s minority conundrum

Nicholas Farrelly 27/04/15

Four decades civil wars have raged along Myanmar’s ethnic fault lines. In the official count the country tallies up 135 different ‘national races’. The majority Bamar people, who drive national expectations of language, culture and politics, make (...)

Political evolution : Indonesia’s strong base for democratic development

Marcus Mietzner 12/02/14

In May 2013, Indonesia celebrated the 15th anniversary of the downfall of President Suharto’s authoritarian New Order regime. Yet while Suharto and his rule are more and more relegated to the history books, there is still no agreement among (...)

The state of democracy in Southeast Asia

Chayut Setboonsarng 28/06/12

The great philosophical question about the elements of a perfect democracy and their relation to capitalism remains unsettled, and is likely to remain thus. Yet the recent history of Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand calls for a more practical (...)

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