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|Título|Third World Resurgence|
|País, continente|Australia|
|Editor|Shiro Armstrong and Peter Drysdale|
|Periodicidad|2x dia|
|Sitio web|http://www.eastasiaforum.org/


Another year of military dictatorship in Thailand

Kevin Hewison 18/12/18

Monarchy, military and preparations for an election dominated Thailand’s politics this year, as they have since the 2014 coup. General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his junta continued to repress their political opponents, while making the military’s (...)

China’s agricultural reform grows bolder

Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle 12/09/18

The past 40 years of development and reform have profoundly changed China’s agricultural and rural areas. Annual growth of real agricultural GDP averaged 4.5 per cent during this time. China, with nearly 20 per cent of the world’s population but (...)

Malaysia’s road to democratic reform

Donald L Horowitz 28/08/18

For the first time in the history of Malaysia, the opposition has defeated a sitting government at the polls. During the long rule of the Barisan Nasional (BN), Malaysia suffered serious degradation of its legal and political institutions, and (...)

Early hurdles for Pakistan’s new government

Michael Kugelman 01/08/18

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party won the country’s 2018 national election on 25 July. PTI leader Imran Khan, a cricketer-turned-politician, is likely to achieve his long-time dream of serving as Pakistan’s prime minister. In a speech on 26 (...)

New violence against Muslims in Sri Lanka has old roots

Pravin Prakash 30/03/18

On 5 March 2018, the Sri Lankan government mandated a state of emergency for ten days following riots and a wave of targeted violence against Muslims in the city of Kandy. The latest episode took place after a Sinhalese Buddhist truck driver (...)

Who is in control of Indonesia?

Abdil Mughis Mudhoffir 04/09/17

Civilian militias and other societal groups that can exercise violence with legitimacy are proliferating throughout Indonesia. So far two dominant perspectives have been used to explain this phenomenon. The first argues that vigilantism and (...)

Why New Delhi needs to talk to Kashmiris

Nishank Motwani 19/06/17

On 9 April, India’s by-election for the Srinagar parliamentary constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state was marred by violent protests at 150 polling centres, leading to the deaths of eight people. This violence, along with the voter turnout of a (...)

Can Myanmar’s garment industry deliver decent jobs?

Martje Theuws, Pauline Overeem 20/03/17

Myanmar was ruled by a military junta for 50 years. After such a long period of economic isolation, foreign investment is now booming as economic sanctions have been lifted following Myanmar’s first steps towards democracy. The export-oriented (...)

Cambodia gets an autocratic upgrade in 2016

Kheang Un 30/12/16

Developments in politics, economics and foreign relations in 2016 indicate that the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) is further consolidating power. The CPP is pursuing a triangular strategy of weakening the opposition, undertaking meaningful (...)

Thailand’s democratic deficit

Pavin Chachavalpongun 23/08/16

More than two years since the coup, Thailand’s political situation remains volatile. The coup leaders have vowed to make Thailand more democratic and commit to political reforms. Yet the first draft of the military-sponsored constitution was (...)

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