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Peeling Back the Truth on Guatemalan Bananas

B.B. Sandford 29/07/10
Land Reform : A Clear and Constant Problem for Paraguay’s President

B.B. Sandford 15/07/10

State of Emergency Declared On April 26, 2010, Paraguay suspended due process and constitutional rights as a result of a State of Emergency (SOE) that was declared in five northern provinces : Concepción, San Pedro, Amambay, Presidente Hayes, (...)

Soybean Wars

Kyle Tana 12/05/10

• Land reform put on hold as President Lugo’s already mixed record becomes even more muddy, particularly when it comes to honoring his pledge to give land to the landless. • The campesino struggle for land and Lugo’s halfhearted effort to take a (...)

The Obama Administration’s First Latin American Waterloo

Larry Birns 07/12/09

The staging of the Honduran presidential election on November 29 was meant to represent a satisfactory resolution of the Honduran crisis in Washington’s thinking. But to short-sighted U.S. policymakers, the magnitude and prohibitive costs of (...)

Both Sides Say : No Retreat


Reginald Thompson Events in Honduras on the morning of June 28 divided hemispheric public opinion over the question of what constitutes a coup. For some observers, the military’s removal of President José Manuel Zelaya at the behest of the (...)

Looking Back : The 2009 World Social Forum

Orion Cruz 27/03/09

As hundreds of prominent figures in the global financial and political sectors convened in Davos, Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum’s annual gala, beginning on January 27, over 100,000 individuals traveled to Belém, Brazil for the (...)

Consolidation and institutionalization of popular and indigenous nationalist (...)

Chris Sweeney 27/01/09

From Rightist Chaos to Leftist Constitutionalism : The Institutionalization of Bolivian Populism A Historic Moment Since the start of the new millennium, popular movements in Bolivia have learned to mobilize en masse to form a united front of (...)

Evo Morales Moves to Centre Stage for Historic January 25th Referendum

Guy Hursthouse 22/01/09

• Often delayed constitutional referendum now scheduled for Sunday, January 25th, with government projected to win comfortably. • President Evo Morales takes to a last-minute offensive with anti-opposition rhetoric and arrests, and with plans to (...)

The Future of Mexico’s EZLN

Orion Cruz 24/11/08

According to UN figures, Latin America has the highest concentration of wealth of any region in the world, as well as debilitating poverty levels. While many suffer under these conditions, the indigenous populations of Latin America are almost (...)

Indigenous March for Justice

Jennifer Acosta 10/11/08

Colombia’s indigenous have a modern history of unifying in order to defend their territory, traditions, and their status as a native people. Similar to other Latin American indigenous groups, Colombia’s population has faced centuries of (...)

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