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In Pursuit of Justice

Gabriela Acosta 18/05/12

A History of Conflict Between the Foreign Hydroelectric Industrial and Campesinos in the Guatemalan Town of Barillas For over four years the tiny Guatemalan hamlet of Santa Cruz Barillas, Huehuetenango has struggled to halt the construction of (...)

The Future of Mexico’s Drug Strategy

Manuel Corrales 16/05/12

Distracted by the admittedly discussion-worthy Cuba issue at the Sixth Summit of the Americas last month in Cartagena, the nations of the Western Hemisphere paid little mind to the prospect of reforming hemispheric drug policy. Latin American (...)

Student’s Crusade for Social Justice

Emma Begag 07/05/12

The student protests in Chile took place in March 2011 when the period of popular manifestations became known as the “Chilean winter.” Now, they have witnessed a winter sequel, as a second round of protests was launched in March 2012. These were (...)

The Price of Civilization - Trapped between Development and Environmental (...)

Sara Bruziches 02/12/11

•In Brazil and Chile, the government-backed plans to build two dams in order to increase their domestic energy supplies, have led to demonstrations by indigenous people to defend their access to their traditional lands. •In Bolivia, a highway (...)

Haiti’s Chronic Crisis of Leadership

Elizabeth Rust 31/08/11

Amidst a painstakingly difficult recovery from the January 2010 earthquake, Haiti still struggles to forge a definitive path toward true economic stability and an acceptable standard of living for its citizens. Much attention has been devoted to (...)

Student Rebels : Views From The Trenches


This analysis was prepared by Ph.D. Student in Economics and COHA Research Fellow Eloy Fisher August 12, 2011 Radio Toma, loosely translated as “Occupation Radio,” broadcasts non-stop information about the protests being staged in front of the (...)

Revolutionary Racism : Afro‑Cubans in an Era of Economic Change

Naomi Glassman 22/06/11

Fidel Castro’s regime enacted anti-discrimination legislation and redistributive reforms benefiting Afro-Cubans / Afro-Cubans are disproportionately affected by Cuba’s economic struggles and change / U.S. dollars from remittances, tourism and (...)

Peru Turns Left

Carrie Burggraf , Mark Loyka 07/06/11

Humala Narrowly Edges out Fujimori Yesterday on June 5, 2011, Peruvians home and abroad turned out for the much-anticipated run-off election between Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori. Almost 84 percent of registered voters came out to cast (...)

Guatemala’s Crippled Peace Process : A Look Back on the 1996 Peace (...)

Rebecca Tran 19/05/11

• Relatively speaking, Guatemala is Latin America’s most violent nation • Guatemala’s homicide rate is four times that of Mexico and twelve times that of the United States, making the country the fourth most murderous country in the world • Aside (...)

Bloodshed as Cartels and Street Gangs Wage War

Megan McAdams 09/03/11

On December 19, 2010, Guatemalan President Álvaro Colom declared a state of siege in the northern province of Alta Verapaz in an effort to curb the rapidly growing influence of the Zetas, a notorious Mexican criminal organization. Colom’s dramatic (...)

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