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The State of the Brazilian Left : Analysis from an American in Brazil

Brian Mier 26/12/17

During the lead-up and in the aftermath of last year’s overthrow of democratically elected Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, several writings appeared in progressive English language publications analyzing the state of the Brazilian left. Most (...)

The Silent Cry of Honduras

Patricio Zamorano 19/12/17

On Sunday, December 17th, the electoral authority of Honduras, in an act of desperation, sought to legitimize the fraud perpetrated in November’s presidential election. The OAS now calls for a repeat of the elections. The crisis in Honduras is (...)

Peruvian Presidential Election : Results and Outlooks

Sam Wang 14/06/16

On June 5, 2016, the Peruvian electorate faced the choice between Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a 77-year old liberal and free-market economist, and Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori. In the first round of (...)

The Dubious Impact of Chinese Investment in Latin America

Ian Gustafson 02/06/16

Much has been made of increased Chinese investment in Latin America, though it is still dwarfed by overall American and Spanish involvement in the region. The initiative China has shown in its efforts to develop the Americas has been admirable. (...)

Rescatando al Feminismo en América Latina

Melanie Landa 22/04/16

Los movimientos feministas han estado presentes en América Latina desde los inicios del siglo XX y tras el cierre de la Primera Guerra Mundial. Reacciones feministas suscitaron tras las movilizaciones lideradas por personalidades tales como (...)

Brazil’s crisis is compounding and threatens...

Mark S. Langevin 24/03/16

Brazil’s crisis is compounding and threatens to drive the recession deeper and drain the political conditions for governability. The government’s capacity to respond to the recession and its fiscal crunch is nearly exhausted by the rush toward (...)

Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Victory : Implications for Latin America

Esther Fuentes, Henderson Roman, Mercdes Garcia 04/03/16

Yesterday’s Super Tuesday results all but cemented Donald Trump’s path to nomination as the Republican presidential candidate : he was victorious in seven states and gained 285 delegates. As U.S. citizens prepare to decide the nation’s fate, (...)

Entre espoir et incertitude : La course effrénée aux élections en (...)

Sam Aman 26/08/15

Après plusieurs années de retards et d’impasses politiques, Haïti se prépare finalement à tenir des élections générales, permettant ainsi aux observateurs internationaux de pousser un soupir de soulagement. Cependant, à l’intérieur des frontières du (...)

Nicaragua is Not for Sale

Amalia Perez 09/07/15

“¡Nicaragua no se vende !” protesters in the central city of Juigalpa exclaimed during the most recent demonstration opposing the proposed Nicaraguan Canal. This rallying cry, Nicaragua is not for sale, reverberates throughout the country in (...)

Guatemalans Have Had Enough

Lisa Lopez-Escobar 18/06/15

Corruption in the government is nothing new for the people of Guatemala. This time, however, it seems they may have had enough. Guatemalan citizens of the working and middle classes have been taking to the streets in mass mobilizations to raise (...)

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