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Titre Centre for Civil Society
Langues anglais
Pays, continent South Africa, Afrique
Editeur University of Natal, Durban
Périodicité non précisée
Editions électronique
Site web http://ccs.ukzn.ac.za/default.asp?2,68


In climate of repression, who can surf South Africa’s micro-protest wave (...)

Patrick Bond 08/08/12

The recent surge of unconnected community protests across South Africa confirms the country’s profound social, economic and environmental contradictions. But if activists fall before a new hail of police bullets, or if they lack an overarching (...)

A Corrupt Corporate State or Peoples’ Movements ?

Vandana Shiva 11/08/11

2010 was the year of scams – 2G, Commonwealth Games, Adarsh etc. 2011 has emerged as the year of the fight against corruption – with Anna Hazare’s fast for a Lokpal Bill and Baba Ramdev’s fast to bring back black money stashed away in foreign (...)

The World Cup Losers

Joan Canela Barrull 19/07/10

At the gate stands a small security outpost where they ask where you are going. “I have a meeting with the Bishop”. “One moment”, replies the makeshift guard, before checking a list to ensure a journalist is scheduled to arrive. The Johannesburg (...)

Rebellion, concessions and repression

Liv Shange 27/11/09

Township protests In the winter months immediately following the May 2009 inauguration of Jacob Zuma’s ANC government, South Africa was swept in a double-edged wave of protest – in workplaces for better wages and working conditions and in (...)

Reformist Reforms, Non-Reformist Reforms and Global Justice : Activist, NGO and (...)

Patrick Bond 06/11/08

Introduction : ‘Foreign Policy Bottom Up’ In South Africa, the merits of the World Social Forum (WSF) have been the subject of fierce debate. Th e difficulty experienced in establishing a national affiliated social forum is just one reflection of (...)

Protester dans l’Afrique du Sud post-apartheid

Jérôme Tournadre-Plancq 17/09/08

En 2004, l’Afrique du Sud a célébré ses dix ans de démocratie. Souvent érigé en modèle de transitologie, le cas sud-africain est moins associé, depuis quatre ou cinq ans, par ses observateurs à l’idée de « miracle », pourtant omniprésente dans les (...)

Protest and contradictions

Ruari-Santiago McBride 05/08/08

On Wednesday the 9th of July the city of Durban grounded to a halt. Public transport was suspended and work was cancelled as the collective will of the workers’ combined to pacify the capitalist system. In a sign of solidarity against mounting (...)

Death Spiral : Mediation, Violence and the GNU

Grace Kwinjeh 25/06/08

Would it not be easier In that case for the government To dissolve the people And elect another ? [Bertolt Brecht.1953] In March 2008 Zimbabweans voted in the most peaceful election since independence, resulting in an unambiguous victory for (...)

Global Food Crisis : Any way out for Nigeria ?

Ola Kazeem 11/06/08

Nigeria, in spite of its oil reserves, is still fundamentally an agricultural country, at least in terms of the population working on the land. 71% of the Nigerian workforce is engaged in agriculture. Over 90% of Nigeria’s agricultural output (...)

Pakistani Textile Workers Resist Privatisation

Zafar Imam 03/06/08

The « Shahdadkot Textile Mills » has been the biggest industrial complex, employing about 6000 workers in this whole region of Upper Sindh. This Textile plant was established in 1974 under the instructions of Zulfiqar ali Bhutto, then Prime (...)