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Bay of Bengal : depleted fish stocks and huge dead zone signal tipping (...)

Aaron Savio Lobo, Amitav Ghosh 02/02/17

he Bay of Bengal’s basin contains some of the most populous regions of the earth. No less than a quarter of the world’s population is concentrated in the eight countries that border the bay. Approximately 200 million people live along the Bay of (...)

Au Bangladesh, des ouvrières rescapées du Rana Plaza créent leur propre coopérative (...)

Elsa Fayner, Axelle de Russé 23/11/15

Il y a eu les 1135 morts et les milliers de blessés de l’effondrement du Rana Plaza, au Bangladesh. Puis les engagements des multinationales de l’habillement, leurs codes de conduite et leurs chartes éthiques. Enfin, des centaines d’inspections (...)

Northeast India Faces Floods of Migrants

Nava Thakuria 24/09/15

Ethnic strife, communal violence, drive refuges from Bangladesh, Pakistan While Europe faces a massive human refugee flow from civil strife and wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, India’s northeastern region, particularly the state of (...)

Environnement et climat au Bangladesh : des facteurs croissants de (...)

Rezwan Siddiqui 06/03/15

Au Bangladesh, la dégradation de l’environnement joue un rôle croissant dans la migration - forcée ou influencée, permanente ou partielle -, comme stratégie d’adaptation. Les facteurs naturels et climatiques, en détériorant les conditions de vie et en (...)

Bangladesh Awaits Another Chaotic Election

Nava Thakuria 04/09/13

Political tensions and confusion are mounting in Bangladesh over the next general election, which must be held by Jan. 24, 2014, with growing calls for general strikes and rallies as protest blooms. Under Bangladesh’s parliamentary system, the (...)

Violence in Kokrajhar

Walter Fernandes 17/08/12

Uncontrolled immigration in Assam has not only angered locals, but also provided them an excuse to mistreat all immigrants : illegal, Muslims, Bangladeshis or otherwise. The Bodo-inhabited Kokrajhar district in western Assam was tense from (...)

Journey of fear towards an uncertain future

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury 18/04/12

The two large parties in Bangladesh have already turned to the worst sort of dynastic politics. At the same time, Islamist influences and left wing groups are becoming ever more involved with the dominant political forces. Alongside this, (...)

Peripheral Economy, Global Capital and Movements in Bangladesh

Manoranjan Pegu, Muhammed Anu 30/12/10

Manoranjan Pegu (MP) : How do you characterise the overall nature of the Bangladeshi economy, and its location in global capitalism ? Anu Muhammad (AM) : Within the global capitalist system, Bangladesh can be considered a peripheral capitalist (...)

Textile strikes rock Bangladesh

Snehal Shingavi 01/09/10

Over the past month, Bangladesh’s textile industry—one of the most exploitative in the world—has been rocked by strikes and protests. The level of repression used against the Bangladeshi textile workers, largely women, exposes the dark underbelly (...)

Bangladesh erupts in ethnic violence

Pinaki Roy 17/03/10

Bangladesh has been rocked by the recent flaring up of decades old ethnic tensions, as Bengali settlers set fire to hundreds of indigenous homes. Pinaki Roy reports from Dhaka on the latest developments and explores the background to the (...)

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