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Titre Asia Sentinel
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Pays, continent Hong Kong SAR Chine, Asie
Editeur Asia Sentinel, Hong Kong
Périodicité journalière
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Taiwan’s DPP Profits from Hong Kong Protest

Dan Josephson 25/06/19

The more Hong Kong rises as the focus of the world’s attention because of the defiance of millions of its citizens against Beijing, so to, indirectly, does Taiwan. Taipei and Hong Kong have tended to empathize with each other’s situations. While (...)

Thai Parliament Reinstalls Coup Leader as Premier

Pithaya Pookaman 11/06/19

After a day-long debate on the suitability and qualifications of Prayuth Chan-ocha, the joint parliamentary session on June 5th – in what was a foregone conclusion — handed him Thailand’s premiership with 500 votes out of a total 750 against 244 (...)

Thailand’s Junta Invents a New Coup D’état

Pithaya Pookaman 24/09/18

There have been 18 military coups d’etat in Thailand, of which 12 were successful, since 1932 when Phraya Pahol Polpayuhasena, leader of the People’s Party, led a group of military and police officers and civilians to proclaim the establishment of (...)

Luster Starts to Wear off Philippines’ Duterte


Deja Marcos ? Martial law could be a start The declaration of martial law on May 23 by Filipino President Rodrigo R. Duterte, while only for 60 days and on the southernmost island of Mindanao, has begun to crystalize growing doubts about (...)

Beijing Serves Up Yet another Chief Executive for Hong Kong


The election charade for Hong Kong’s next Chief Executive has entered its final week with the two candidates destined to be defeated still pretending that this is a real fight. In practice, the two are simply trying to maintain and enhance their (...)

The struggle to get South Korea’s President...

Donald Kirk 29/12/16

The struggle to get South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye out of the Blue House and into jail while unifying behind a single liberal to replace her looms as the hard part after her impeachment last week by a lopsided 234-56 vote in the National (...)

Is the Philippines Tiring of Duterte ?

Criselda Yabes 14/12/16

President buries a history of forces that represented the triumph of democracy The stage, one cloudy afternoon at the military headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City, gave a picture of Philippine politics as it stands. There was (...)

Myanmar’s Least-Wanted Political Party


A tiny political organization supports the Rohingya The Democracy and Human Rights Party, one of the smallest registered ones in Myanmar’s Nov. 8 general elections, is the only party willing to represent Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslims, (...)

Northeast India Faces Floods of Migrants

Nava Thakuria 24/09/15

Ethnic strife, communal violence, drive refuges from Bangladesh, Pakistan While Europe faces a massive human refugee flow from civil strife and wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, India’s northeastern region, particularly the state of (...)

Thailand’s New Charter : Soldier’s Dream, Civilian Nightmare


The junta writes a document tailored to its own interests and little else Thailand’s new proposed constitution, released last week by the junta’s Constitution Drafting Committee, is pretty much as expected. The 20th since 1932, it is a clear (...)

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